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Holiday 2008-2009

Happy holidays, patients and friends,

The holidays are here, and along with the fun, food and the cheer, sugar will be everywhere. Remember that sugar has been refined to the state of a drug. All the B vitamins and minerals have been removed. That means your body has to supply those vitamins and minerals in order to digest and absorb it, thus leaving a deficiency of Vitamin B and minerals in your body. This causes behavior problems in children and grouchiness and depression in adults.

It has been reported that behavior problems in children have increased the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is advisable to keep a supply of Cataplex B and Organic Minerals, both by the Standard Process company, for just such an occasion. It will save your sanity and that of your child.

The office will be closed December 24th to January 4th. If you need the above supplements while the office is closed, please see Royal Abrams Pharmacy at Royal and Abrams in Dallas.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Dr. Hawkins

(Over-activity in children)

The hyperkinetic child is not just an overactive youngster who cannot be controlled by his parents who lack parental authority and disciplinary ability. The overactive child is actually at a neurologic disadvantage because of one or more physiologic reasons.

Boys are more often hyperkinetic than girls. Rarely is more than one child in a family affected. There are many characteristics that distinguish over-active children; some patients will display a lot and some only a few. The condition is often related to learning disabilities, because the child has a hard time concentrating in a classroom environment. This occurs even though the child has a normal or above-average IQ.

Some observable characteristics are:

  1. Consistently excessive movement for the activity being accomplished.
  2. Aggression toward peers and parents.
  3. Unpredictability.
  4. Impatience.
  5. Short attention span.
  6. Poor coordination.
  7. Poor sleep habits.

There are specific steps of development through which the nervous system must go in order to function at an optimal level. This development takes place step by step throughout the maturation of the baby and young child. If there is an interruption in this development, the child begins to display neurologic disorganization: The messages from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain get cross circuited. For example, the eyes can be involved, causing difficulty perceiving one's environment. The child's arms and legs may not be working together, so he appears clumsy while running or walking. If speech is involved, the child may have a problem saying what he means and may say the exact opposite of what he intends.

Another cause of over-activity is the inability of the child's body to maintain blood sugar at an optimum functioning level. And sugar does not maintain blood sugar, quite the contrary. It is the most harmful substance to blood sugar. It is very important to ensure your child get three meals a day with some protein at each meal to maintain the proper blood sugar level, because the brain and nervous system require blood sugar to function.

Some children are extremely sensitive to certain food additives. MSG is an excitatory substance and will artificially hype up a child. The child will improve rapidly with these food additives removed from his diet.

It is important to treat hyperkinesis as early as possible to avoid the many ramifications of the condition. Children do not usually "grow out" of hyperkinesis. The untreated overactive child is the juvenile delinquent today and the adult who cannot adjust to society tomorrow. And any stress can exacerbate the problem.



6 oz. frozen apple juice concentrate
1 pkg. fresh cranberries
15 oz. can crushed pineapple
1 pkg. frozen strawberries or cherries
1 pkg. Knox gelatin
1/2 cup pecan pieces

Cook everything except the gelatin and nuts over medium heat. Stir occasionally, until the cranberries pop. Remove from heat. Dissolve gelatin in the cold apple juice. Add the juice and the nuts. Cook a little longer. Pour into a bowl or jelly jars and chill until firm. Enjoy!


The flu season is upon us. How do you protect your children? By strengthening their immune systems and having natural infection fighters around.

Elderberry concentrate is very good at strengthening the immune system, especially if started before flu season. If the kiddies still get sick, administer vitamin C and Standard Process Congaplex.

While children are running a fever, do not give them aspirin or ibuprophen to lower it until you have first tried a hot lemon bath. Squeeze 1/2 lemon into a very warm bath. Put the child in for about 15 minutes, then take him out, wrap him in a warm blanket to sweat, and give him lots of water. This will break a fever and help the immune system kill bacteria. The bath can be given for three days, if necessary. It also works for a sick child who is not running a fever.

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