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Spring 2007

Hello patients and friends,

Don't you all love the spring in Dallas? The trees are starting to grow leaves and the flowers and plants on my patio are waking up.

It seemed like spring snuck up on us, surprise! One minute we were fighting the bitter cold and the next we were counting our spring and summer clothes. Then there were the storms, which I love.

Have a healthy spring.

Dr. Hawkins


Get your Elderberry juice. It is good for allergies. Your immune system is working overtime this spring to keep you healthy. Some immune systems cannot make the grade. The special properties in Elderberry juice help build up your immune system so you can withstand the attacks of antigens, flu, viruses, bacteria and fungus.


At last, a healthy makeup. Desert Earth has been around from the beginning, the first mineral makeup. It started in Arizona and now a company in Texas has it. What makes it different from the other mineral makeup companies is that Desert Earth is entirely made of crushed minerals (rocks) in various colors. No paraffin (wax), alcohol, mineral oil, binders or fillers (talc) or artificial dyes. Also, it is SPF 20 rated without harmful chemicals. It provides excellent coverage.

I have been using it for 15 years. Ask me for information or a demonstration. Or we can have a demonstration for several of your friends at your house.


You can grow vegetables among your flowers.
You can grow flowers among your vegetables.
There are many books on how to mix these for benefits to both.

Garlic is very good at preventing bugs.
Marigolds are good at preventing bugs.
Soap will also keep bugs off your flowers and vegetables.
Get a spray bottle with soap and water in it and spray often.


Watch the MSG. It is in baby food, Campbell's soup, restaurant and fast foods, all the sauces, and more. They also call it natural flavors or spices. MSG is a neurotoxin that causes symptoms that range from headaches to brain damage. MSG is also associated with violent behavior.

Children today are eating more packaged and processed foods than ever before. Parents read the labels. Don't give your child Prozac; just eliminate the MSG from their diets.

I recommend shopping at Whole Foods for your packaged and processed foods, and continue to read labels. Our children are precious and we don't want to unintentionally harm them.

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