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Summer 2005

Hello patients and friends,

We have been in our new location for six months, now. We are enjoying the extra space as we grow, thanks to all of you who are referring your friends and neighbors for Chiropractic care.

School is out and summer is here. I love summer, especially the wonderful outdoor concerts and visiting White Rock Lake. This issue will address some summer issues and an alternative idea for soft drinks (which, as you know, are full of toxic chemicals).

From July 2 through July 11, I will be visiting my family in Kansas, so our office will be closed. Should you need emergency care during that time, please call Dr. Vickie Baldwin at 214 987 3376. She is located near Walnut Hill Lane and Central.

Have a healthy summer.


Safety in the sun is very important.

A good sunscreen is Aloe Vera gel. It can be purchased at Whole Foods Market. It has no toxic chemical additives and softens skin. It must be applied every 30 minutes.

There is a safe and effective color free mineral powder with no toxic chemical additives. It is designed to be a strong sunscreen and is even safe for babies. It is easy to apply, not messy and is effective for longer (2 hours) than the Aloe Vera gel. This can be purchased at the Still Waters & Co. Day Spa in Denton. Call Clara at 940-243-7028 and she will send you some.

More About The Sun

Dr. John Ott worked at Disney manipulating plants with light. He studied the sunlight with plants and people. His book, "Light and Health", reveals some interesting information on how the sun affects us all. The publication, "Nutrition and Cancer" is looking at the sun and cancer prevention. It seems that the research they are looking at suggests that a moderate amount of sunlight exposure can be very beneficial to your health.


Corie Ann, my wonderful helper on Fridays, will be going to seminary in the fall. We will all miss her. She lends such a cheery atmosphere and keeps me very organized. Welcome to May MacGregor who will be starting in September to replace Corie Ann.


Have you tried the sparkling water at Whole Foods mixed with a little stevia and our Elderberry concentrate? Refreshing and healthy. Also, add lemon and/or lime to the sparkling water with a little stevia. Better than Sprite.


Watch those colorful snack items and summer drinks. Research in the "Archives of Disease in Childhood" revealed that artificial food coloring and preservatives have a significant impact on hyperactivity in very young children. In the study, removing these substances made an obvious difference in the hyperactive behavior.

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