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Summer 2004

Hello patients and friends,

Summer is here and is it wonderful. I love the summer storms in Texas. I am enjoying the heat as well. In this newsletter you will find tips to help you enjoy the sun and use it for your health.

It has been two years since I opened my practice here. I am very excited when I look back and see how the practice has grown. I am enjoying such wonderful patients and am so happy to see you all get better.

On May 5th I celebrated 10 years as a Chiropractor. It has gone by so fast. And I feel fortunate to be able to celebrate that milestone in a place I love, Dallas.


Safety in the sun is very important.

A good sunscreen is Aloe Vera gel. It can be purchased at Whole Foods Market. It has no toxic chemical additives and softens skin. It must be applied every 30 minutes.

ColoreScience makes a safe and effective mineral powder with no toxic chemical additives; it is designed to be a strong sunscreen and is even safe for babies. It easy to apply, it is not messy and it is effective for longer (2 hours) than the Aloe Vera gel. This can be purchased at the Still Waters & Co. Day Spa in Denton. Call Clara at 940-243-7028 and she will send you some.


The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain and is a major regulator of your body. It needs full spectrum sunlight to function optimally. Here are a few problems that might occur in the absence of proper light to feed the pineal gland: carbohydrate metabolism, DNA synthesis (proper making of), collagen synthesis (wrinkling can occur), immune system breakdown, and, because of the link with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), various emotional problems.

It is important to get the full spectrum of light in your eyes for some time during the day. This means being outside without sunglasses or glasses with UV protection or tinting. This does not mean you must look at the sun or stand in the sun. Sitting in the shade during the day will accomplish what you need.

If any of you are interested in research, Dr. Jon Ott wrote a book (Light and Health) outlining his research on how important full spectrum light is to your health.

Have a wonderful summer.


The proportions will have to be worked out by you.

  • Fresh blueberries (best antioxidant)
  • Fresh strawberries (good antioxidant)
  • Fresh pineapple (very good digestive enzymes)
  • Fresh raspberries (especially good for girls)
  • A little concentrated apple juice to taste (great natural sweetener)
  • 1 tsp. elderberry concentrate per person

Blend with a little ice and enjoy.


Children are more sensitive to toxic chemicals because of their size and the size of the main organs that detoxify their bodies: the skin, liver, kidneys and lungs. It is very important for children's future health to not overload their bodies with toxins. They will often not show immediate symptoms because their organs are functioning better than ours, theirs having been exposed to the common toxins for a shorter period of time.

Use low-odor paint when redecorating. Do not use commercial sunscreen creams on children's skin. Avoid smoky places and nail salons. Watch the fragrances in everything, especially laundry products.

And, of course, watch your child's refined white sugar intake and give him or her a good antioxidant like Vitamin C or elderberry concentrate.

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