How Educated Is Your Chiropractor?

Doctors of Chiropractic have Seven or More Years of College

Have you ever wondered how much education your Doctor of Chiropractic receives compared to a Medical Doctor? Look at these basic educational requirements for graduates of both chiropractic colleges and medical schools. (See chart below.) Each has its own specialties, but many people are surprised to learn that the hours of classroom instruction are about the same.

Doctors of Chiropractic must satisfy a demanding academic course that leads to a professional degree requiring seven years of academic study — three years preparatory and four years professional.

Chiropractors must also meet strict educational requirements, including approximately 600 hours of internship, which makes them eligible for licensure in all states and Canadian Provinces.

Most states require that Chiropractors pass thorough comprehensive national board examinations as a prerequisite for licensure, and must stay abreast of the latest health care techniques by attending seminars and other special study programs.

If you want to maintain your good health or you are in need of relief from any of a wide range of ailments, pain, or suffering, don't overlook the Doctor of Chiropractic. He or she has worked and studied many long hours to gain the necessary knowledge to help you feel well again. Give your Chiropractor, and yourself, the chance you both deserve!

If you know others who are uninformed about chiropractors' education, why not share this information with them!

Remember: they, too, may benefit from today's scientific chiropractic care!

Basic Science/Pre-Clinical Comparison

Subjects Medical
366.4 Anatomy/Embryology 184.6
120.0 Biochemistry 108.4
197.0 Microbiology/Public Health/Biostatics 155.3
105.9 Cell Biology/Histology 130.7
312.8 Physical Diagnosis/Clinical Medicine 200.5
141.4 Neuroscience 114.0
561.2 Physiology/Pathology 542.3
66.7 Nutrition 21.5
29.4 Pharmacology 99.0
1,900.8 Total Hours 1,556.3


* An average of required pre-clinical instruction hours during the first two years at 14 chiropractic schools.

** Average number of required pre-clinical instruction hours during the first two years of the medical school curriculum as listed in the 2000 Curriculum Directory, published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

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